159: Aaron St.Goddard with no sympathy for De Vil

Aaron St.Goddard joins us this week. Young and sexy Cruella Devil. Texas faced an icemageddon. Ted Cruz went to Mexico. More Gina Carano. Chris Harrison. Chris D’elia. Australia vs Facebook. Rush Limbaugh died. Joe Biden picks Luigi when he plays Mario Kart

What made the internet angry this week?
Aaron St.Goddard joins us this week. They’re making a young and sexy Cruella Devil movie and Dale could not be more into it, Aaron not so much. The guys turn the whole thing into a session of being Cruella apologists. Texas faced an icemageddon and Ted Cruz went to Mexico and everyone shat their minds all over the place. Which sexy Disney villain would best be portrayed by Ted Cruz. You should be watching this episode and not just listening to it because Aaron brought props. We revisit the Gina Carano shit canning from last episode. Chris Harrison resigns as host of the Bachelor after he defended a current contestants racist past. Chris D’elia releases an apology video that misses the mark. Australia just passed legislation to make Facebook pay the news organizations that it posts on it’s site so in turn Facebook has scrubbed all these news organizations off it’s site. Rush Limbaugh died and everyone danced on his grave which is probably the correct reaction to the news. Joe Biden picks Luigi when he plays Mario Kart which is a problematic representation of his character.

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